Coding for Lawyers

Coding for Lawyers

We run coding for lawyers workshops

Chatbots for Legal Services

In this workshop we take a look at chatbot tech and how it can be used within the legal sector. During this event participants will get hands on experience of how chatbots are built by experimenting with some of the platforms currently available to do so.

We will look at simple “question and answer bots”, as well as more complex bots that could be used to qualify a specific legal need (for example qualifying whether or not someone has suffered workplace discrimination).

Introduction to Coding

In this session you will learn how to code an algorithm to complete a specific task. We will cover some of the key programming structures and provide an introduction to how code works.

We then apply the skills you have learned to a real world legal scenario.


Our full day events start from £950 + VAT + Travel Expenses
Prices vary according to group size

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